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  • Create your own Card

    OrientaOil gives you the possibility to create your own card for your customers or affilated partners to use it on your petrol station or your own network of petrol stations.

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  • Professionals of the Sector

    After many years working in this sector, we decided to create our own company with enthusiasm showing the excellence and commitment of our work, starting in this new project in such difficult times in which we are living.
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  • For Carriers

    For profesional carriers we offer all the necessary services for your daily route.

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  • Petrol Stations

    Discover the wide range of products and services that we offer you to expand your customer base and it´s loyalty.

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  • App

    Apps are the latest direct technology for your customer through the Smartphone as a sales channel and marketing tool.

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Contribution of Customers


We are professionals in this sector and we are at your disposal to implement a loyalty and capture program meeting requirements of your business

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Computer Systems for Petrol Station


We have a new and robust software for petrol stations. We use the latest technologies to provide the most reliable solution on the market.

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Marketing and sale of Fuels


OrientaOil's an agent petrol oil operators. OrientaOil offers fuel retailing wholesale with different daily prices.

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Create your own Card


Gives you the possibility to create your own card for your customers or affilated partners to use it on your petrol station

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  • Recruitment of self-employed
  • Energy Saving



Orientaoil knows a needs of the transport market, has a portfolio's ability to find freelance with a full or partial set and even find you domestic and international uploads.

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ahorro-energetico-pPrevious experience in the field of advicing allows us to not be a conventional electric marketer, but become your best advisor for electricity costs.

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About Us

ORIENTAOIL is dedicated to guide your business in the energy sector, fossil-fuel-oil, for Petrol Stations, Gas Centres , Carriers and Transportation Companies

All of us know about the changes occurring in this sector, since many of you have doubts, because of changing and the way we act now is the key to continue successfully as until this moment.