What is Intermediation?

For the service station user or professional, intermediaries such as OrientaOil are the new salesmen.

Do you need to buy, sell or rent a Service Station

As experts in this sector, OrientaOil will give you the opportunity to get in touch with buyers or sellers of the EESS service you need, or we will help you to sell or rent your current station.

If you need an EE.SS., point of sale in a place where you do not have contacts or access to the necessary information, OrientaOil will mediate the necessary steps to enable us to negotiate.

If your need is to find a land that meets all your requirements, we will carry out the same type of mediation and OrientaOil will provide you with a professional suitability report.

With this service, that opportunity that you missed out on due to lack of knowledge or because you encountered various difficulties, will now be much easier to carry out with a professional intermediation service such as the one offered by OrientaOil.