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Computer Systems for Petrol Station

sistemasinformaticos2014We have a new and robust software for petrol stations. We use the latest technologies to provide the most reliable solution on the market.

Software for petrol stations
Total management of petrol stations intuitively and reliably way. This software is available for one petrol station or for a whole network.


POS for petrol stations
Using the latest technology and the most reliable equipment on the market we have developed a Point of Sale (POS) for petrol stations. The POS is able to control any petrol pump with full warranty and also serves to make sales of fuel and store items in a simple and fast way.

Loyalty cards
Credit control of your customers in real time. Even takes into account shifts assets not yet imported, of all the network of stations. Avoid exceeding your customers their credit granted.

Payment Terminal for own cards (pin pad)
Allows supplies to its customers at any service station. All operations are performed quickly and safely as the request and sent to the authorization center and the risk (credit) is calculated in real time.

Allows to integrate the collection of bank cards at the POS, gaining immediate sales and avoiding errors. Add PIN security in their loyalty cards.

Perform inventory and do not stop selling in a simple way.

Unattended service for Petrol stations (Self-pay service)
EfiOil 24 controls unattended petrol stations. Allows payments with loyalty card and credit card including the new EMV (chip). IP intercom features to help customers. With EfiOil 24 you can make sales neglected to credit control in real time. Keep your petrol station open 24 hours.

Maintenance contracts
Knowing how important it is for our customers their business, our technical assistance covers 24 hours 365 days with highly qualified personnel. We offer several maintenance modalities to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. We have telephone support, remote support and in-situ.

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