Create your own CardOrientaOil gives you the possibility to create your own card for your customers or affilated partners to use it on your petrol station or your own network of petrol stations.

Type of payment: cash, pre-paid, credit and loyalty

Also as a new mean of payment we can offer you to pay by mobile phone (Pass Book) and to pay by license plate recognition (eficam)

From OrientaOil we can customize a card with your corporate image, association or any kind of image that identifies you. (affinity).

Cards with QR codes, bar codes, magnetic stripes - all this with a totally professional finished with retransfer technology.

The service provided to you by OrientaOil is almost unaffordable to enjoy it unless you have some great resources.

OrientaOil outsource your IT department of means of payment and loyalty, your expenses will be fully assumable and its profits will be multiplied.

Use means of a great company with a cost fully customize