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For the professional user of service stations, intermediaries as OrientaOil are new sellers.

Need to buy, sell or rent a petrol station?

As professionals of this industry, OrientaOil give you the opportunity to reach buyers or sellers contact to this Petrol Stations  you need, or we'll help you sell or rent your current station.

If you need a Petrol Station, point of sale in a place where you haven´t got any contacts or access to the necessary information, OrientaOil will proceed you all necessary mediations to be qualified for negotiation procedures.

If your need is to find a building site that meets all requirements, we perform you a mediation contacts and OrientaOil will prepare you professional suitability report.

With this service you will stop losing opportunity because of ignorance or several difficulties, now it will be much easier to carry it out with a professional services  offers by OrientaOil.

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